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Welcome to Direct Democracy Foundation


Advocating for the citizens initiative process to pass environmental, consumer protection, and good government measures. We will continue to use the process and will work to promote and defend the process itself.

Our mission has NO candidate nor party affiliation. Our sole interest is expanding the process our government uses to write and pass laws to include citizen participation/oversight. Citizen participation in government brings with it TRANSPARENCY. Transparency provides the element lacking in our government OVERSIGHT. Oversight provides ACCOUNTABILITY. Lastly Accountability is a NAME on the blame line! Our government is NOT broken beyond repair. NO form of democracy can survive corruption and corruption cannot survive a transparent environment.

Gary Pinto

THREE RULES WE STAND BY: Humanity First - Its purpose is to protect life and health and ensure respect for the human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, co-operation and lasting peace amongst all people. Anti Austerity- Refers to the mobilization of street protests and grassroots campaigns that has happened across various countries, especially in Europe, since the onset of the worldwide Great Recession. Direct Democracy - Humanity in legislation.

Robert Walton

Our current representative system is outdated and is not adequately equipped for change, but also limits progress and participation. As a movement, we want to increase citizen participation by implementing a model of direct democracy in all levels of citizenship. We the people can make all major decisions by initiatives and referendums. While we are not against political parties who advocate for direct democracy, we have an ultimate goal of parties-politics, where every decision will be taken by the collective whole. To stay updated, do not forget to subscribe and share. 

Georgios Mavropalias

About us

A national organization dedicated to the belief that citizens should be in charge of their government. One of the best tools that citizens have for enacting change is the initiative and referendum process. Our organization is made up of activists, legislators, financial supporters, opinion leaders, and most importantly — citizens — who come together to protect and defend this process where it exists, and extend it to where it does not. But no matter our background, we all recognize that additional checks on state legislatures are to be encouraged.

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